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Bronze Bonded

  • 80 Den 80±2Kg/m3

Bronze Bonded  material foams are typically disordered and have a variety of bubble sizes. At larger sizes, the study of idealized foams is closely linked to the mathematical problems of minimal surfaces and three-dimensional tessellations, also called honeycombs. The Wearied–Phelan structure is believed to be the best possible (optimal) unit cell of a perfectly ordered foam, while Plateau's laws describe how soap-films form structures in foams.

At lower scale than the bubble is the thickness of the film for metastable foams, which can be considered as a network of interconnected films called lamellae. Ideally, the lamellae are connected in triads and radiate 120° outward from the connection points, known as borders. This type of material used in commercial quality product.

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