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Super Soft Foam (Softy Foam)

  • 18 Den 18±2Kg/m3
  • 23 Den 23±2Kg/m3
  • 32 Den 32±2Kg/m3

When the goal is to increase comfort, super soft foam performs wonderfully as backing for furniture and as extra padding atop mattresses to soften and relieve pressure. Super soft foam works best in comfort applications and is highly compactable.

Super Soft foam is our plushest material, making it an outstanding choice for a comfort mattress topper. Placed upon a supportive bed, the contouring of Super Soft helps provide relief and alleviates pressure without reducing the support a base mattress provides. Super Soft foam is particularly beneficial for those spending extended periods of time in bed, or individuals with pressure and circulation issues, due to the softness of the material ,this foam should only be used as a comfort layer/topper layer.

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